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We at V Prop are always fully focused on helping you choose the best property to make it your dream home.

This is probably if not the best time to purchase that dream house you’ve always wanted to make a home. Interest rates are at their lowest and we have just the right listings for you to choose from.

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New Rentals For You

We at V Prop are always fully focused on helping you choose the best property within your budget while we tick all the rental preference boxes

Renting has become one of the most ideal forms of living without a long term contractual obligation. Enjoying a living space designed  to a level of comfort to suit your immediate needs.

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Home Renovations

Remodeling is essential whether the structure is damaged , broken or outdated. Renovation is bringing something back to life. Increase the comfort of the enjoyment of your home with us. 


When dividing marital assets during divorce , there are few things a spouse can do to make sure the process is fair & less time-consuming for equitable distribution.

Deceased Estate

We make selling a deceased estate a seamless , painless and hassle free process. Speak to us today and let us land a helping hand in finding a suitable owner for your most precious asset.


We reduce the constant stress of immigration and its myriad challenges for personnel looking to permanently relocate to another country. Check out how !

Quick Sale

From selling stuff , your skills or expertise , sometimes converting that asset into cash could take you longer than anticipated, Let us help you speed up the process and make that quick buck!

House Repo

Letting go of your property is certainly not an easy thing to do , specially that you have had so many memories to share in it. Allow us to get our hands dirty in making sure you get a fair deal 

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We have wide range of services

V PROP is determined in delivering exceptional and convenient service to its clients. We pride ourselves as an organisation that puts customers first. Your One Stop Property Shop.

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  • Dividing Marital Assets
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